7 Days of Camping Giveaway

We're kicking off the summer with a new 7 days of camping giveaway!

You must be following us on @instagram at @kershawknives to enter! We're celebrating 7 days of Camp giveaways by giving away a special camp related tool every day for the next 7 days through @Instagram! Each day over the next 7, we'll issue a special instruction on how to enter that days drawing!

DAY 1: Kershaw Camp 10 - To enter, "HEART" the day 1 photo on #Instagram, and leave a comment "I love camping with @kershawknives!" - CONGRATS TO WINNER @mreed247 on #Instagram! You have won the Camp 10 for Day 1

DAY 2: Kershaw Tinder - Tell us how you'd use this @kershawknives Tinder to survive in a scary camping situation, tagging a friend you'd take with you, and @kershawknives - CONGRATS TO WINNER @leamangriffin on #Instagram! You have won the Kershaw TInder for Day 2

DAY 3: Kershaw Taskmaster Saw - Post a pic on @instagram of your favorite camping partner or people, and tag them in the pic with your favorite location to go camping this summer! Use #campwithkershaw in your post, and tag @kershawknives! - CONGRATS TO WINNER @natenag on #Instagram! You have won the Kershaw 2555 Taskmaster Saw for Day 3

DAY 4: Kershaw Camp Ax - Kershaw 1018 Camp Ax - Imagine you're stuck in the woods in a particular place, and the only tool you've got is your trusty Kershaw Camp Ax - WHAT KIND OF SHELTER would you make, and WHY? Leave a comment, tagging a friend, and use #KershawCampAx in your post, OR POST a NEW PHOTO with those tags. Most interesting post, as judged by our marketing team, takes it home! ONLY on @Instagram! CONGRATS TO WINNER @cole_slatch on #Instagram! You have won the Kershaw 1018 Camp Ax for Day 4

DAY 5: Kershaw Camp 18 - Camping's great, just you, the woods and...zombies...they're everywhere!! Unfortunately for you, your trusty Kershaw Camp 18 is locked up safe in your vehicle(with a dead battery) in the parking lot. Tell us how you got out of the woods with to get to your Camp 18, and how you got away! Use #KershawCamp18Zombie and tag a friend! Bonus entry to people that upload a #ZombieFacedSelfie tagging @kershawknives!

DAY 6: Kershaw Siege Tomahawk - Instructions coming 7/18 - Check Back!

DAY 7: Grand Prize - Camp Trader - Instructions coming 7/19 - Check Back!

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