Accidentally Broke Your Kershaw Blade? We Can Help

Hey, we know. Accidents happen. But that's no reason to give up your Kershaw. Especially not now. We've recently instituted a great new option: you can get a brand new blade, for cheap!

Here's the deal: If you accidentally break your Kershaw folding knife's blade—or commit some other heinous, yet accidental, act on it—we can replace your knife's blade for you and return it in good working order for just $10.

Yep, just $10 for any Kershaw folding knife. That includes Blade Traders. These replacement blades will have no laser engraving or markings on them (that's one of the ways we keep the cost so low for this program). Nevertheless, they will be the same steel and sharpness of your original Kershaw.

Simply send your knife in to us according to warranty instructions. We'll replace the blade for you, then return it to you. Please note that we cannot replace blades for fixed blade knives or for knives we no longer make under this program.

Also, please note that Kershaw knives with "XXXX" on their blades are factory seconds and are not eligible for repair or replacement. We also cannot replace blades for discontinued knives or limited-edition knives.

And, of course, Kershaw blades that have broken due to a manufacturing defect will be replaced under warranty, free of charge, as always.

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