All about those blue-handled Pro-Grade knives

Kershaw’s bright-blue-handled Pro-Grade knives are making a big splash in the marketplace these days. But the story of their development actually began about two years ago.

Calling on some of our sporting goods retailers, we realized that retailers were having to stock knives intended for food service because of the lack of specialty fish processing knives designed for the sporting market.

After more research, the idea was born: Kershaw would develop a line of Pro-Grade Specialty Fish & Game knives specifically for the sporting market. The initial product line would include ten different specialty knives, from a large 12-in. Cimeter for breaking down large fish and game to a small bait cutter. The knives would feature 420J2 Japanese stainless steel blade—for the flex needed in fillet blades and for high corrosion resistance in outdoor conditions. The handle would be a proven design that enabled the hand to lock comfortably into position for a secure grip and to relieve stress while working. Blade guards would be included to protect the razor edge and make Pro-Grades easy to carry in tackle box, boat, or camp gear. And to get noticed, they’d be a bright,  kick-butt blue.

As we brought Pro-Grades to our network of retailers, they were quick to see the benefit to their customers. Customers did, too. Soon the Kershaw Pro-Grade line was selling well. With feedback from our customers and retailers, we refined the selection and added new knives the following year.

That brings us to today.

Not only are Pro-Grades selling well to anglers and hunters, they’re also in demand by commercial fishermen and food prep professionals— bringing the Kershaw Pro-Grade line concept full circle.

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