All Limited Edition Kershaws to be sold consumer-direct from this website only

Beginning later this year, this website will be the only place you can purchase Kershaw Limited Edition knives.

We’re doing this to give you the opportunity to purchase these highly desirable knives in a single, convenient online location—without aftermarket price gouging, having to pay in advance for pre-orders, or searching multiple retailers to see who has the product in stock. Plus, since we will sell these Limited Edition knives only after we have completed our production run, you won’t have to wait for your knife either. Once you order it and we process the order, it will be on its way to you.

Here’s how it will work:

  • We will preview Limited Edition knives on this website as we have always done.
  • Two weeks before the products will be available for purchase, we will begin making announcements on this website and in our social media to tell you exactly when the knives will go on sale.
  • Want to know even sooner? Sign up for our newsletter—you’ll be among the first to know when the Limited Edition Kershaws will be available for purchase.

HINT: You can sign up for our newsletter on any product page on this website. Or just click here.

  • You may purchase only one Limited Edition knife per household.
  • We will not accept pre-orders; purchasing begins on the day we announce and continues while supplies last. Full details to come when the announcement is made.
  • Limited Edition knives will be sold at full MSRP plus shipping.
  • Products cannot be shipped to PO Boxes.
  • Offer valid in the US and Canada only.

About Limited Edition Kershaws:

  • We will make only a limited number of these special products; we will disclose the final number of Limited Edition knives once manufacturing has been completed.
  • All Limited Edition Kershaws will have a unique serial number for easy authentication; we are sorry, but you may NOT request a specific serial number.
  • All Limited Edition Kershaws will come in special Limited Edition packaging.

First to go on sale:

The Kershaw Ruby, model 4040

Please note that we do not have a scheduled sale date at this time.

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