Concierge receives SHOT Show Award

Everyday Carry recognized this upcoming Kershaw as the best knife at the Las Vegas event.

For 40 years, Kershaw has made an impact at SHOT Show by introducing innovative products. This year was no exception. Attendees were able to get a feel for 15 new Kershaw knives, which will be available later in 2018.

There's something for everyone in the new lineup. For the editors at Everyday Carry, the Concierge stood out as a sleek and functional EDC. Designed by Dmitry Sinkevich, this folder rose to the occasion and won Everyday Carry's Best Overall Knife award.

Quality, design, and value are all important when creating a solid, all-around Kershaw. The Concierge shines in all three areas.

To open the knife, the KVT manual opener features smooth action and can easily flip open with ball bearings. Once its open, the 3.25-in. blade is ready for most cutting tasks. Its 8Cr13MoV steel takes a good edge and is easy to resharpen. You'll also be able to securely hold the Concierge while cutting. The machined G-10 handle scale is easy to grasp, even if your hands are wet or oily.

This isn't your typical G10 either. Kershaw and Sinkevich opted for a crowned finish on the handle, which is not only attractive, but it also keeps the knife slim for everyday carry. In fact, the whole knife is designed to be as slim as possible. Even the pocketclip contributes to this. The inset, custom clip rests in a machined-out hollow in the handle. This means that the clip doesn't stick out at all, yet you'll still be able to attach the knife to your pocket. To add a touch of visual interest, an attractive custom pivot is included.

Best of all, these features can be yours for a reasonable price. The Concierge starts at $59.99 MSRP. However, be sure to check out our many authorized dealers for affordable street prices and sales. Keep an eye out for this knife to be released in the second quarter of 2018. And as always, stay tuned for updates on our website and social media pages.

Finally, be sure to check out Everyday Carry's article for the full breakdown of awards.

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