Dress for the Hunt

Becoming the Huntress - Dress for the Hunt

Becoming the Huntress Week 4 - Dress for the Hunt

What clothes do Jen & Nur wear on a Hunt?

As international huntresses, Jen & Norissa spend a lot of time researching and preparing for their hunts, as each hunt is unique with different conditions.  One crucial part of preparation is being equipped with the right gear.  Depending on the hunt, base layers combined with midweight gear and even rain gear can not only be crucial but necessary.  Knowing your weather and terrain conditions, as well as checking with your guide are useful in packing the right gear.

There are a few options to choose from when it comes to women's hunting gear, but Jen & Norissa have designed a hunting line to fit the needs of most huntresses, from lightweight and midweight systems to waterfowl and rain gear sets. The GWG® line is designed by women for women, with over 200+ days of rigorous field testing performed by the owners themselves. This process ensures that not only are you getting the best gear on the market, but that these products are truly fit for a woman and offer everything that a female hunter could want or need in the field.

Lastly, give serious consideration to your footwear - a pair of poorly fitting boots could ruin your hunting experience. GWG® has recently partnered with Muck Boots® to introduce a line of mid and tall waterproof pull-on boots, perfect for scouting, hunting, or a weekend at the ranch. Whatever you choose, remember that not all footwear is created equal, and different hunts will require a different type of boot.

Now that you've had four weeks to prepare, who's ready for hunting season?

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