Exclusive Made-in-the-USA Kershaws Available at Walmart

Discover new color variations for the Link and Dividend.

If you explore the Kershaw website, you’ll find a collection of production knives in many shapes and sizes. But did you know that there are exclusive knives that aren’t listed on the Kershaw website?

That’s right. Many authorized dealers order knives that can only be found in their store or distribution chain. These products are, for the most part, based on existing production Kershaws. But they may boast a new color, steel, or blade shape.

In this series, we’ll explore exclusives that may be of interest to you, starting with a retailer that Americans know very well. Kershaw has been a Walmart supplier since 2002. As such, they’ve carried some well-received exclusives, many of them made right here in the USA.

Let’s take a look at the latest USA models. 

Link, Olive Black

The popular Kershaw is back in an all-new color. Many Walmart shoppers are already familiar with the popular Link. They enjoy the Link’s SpeedSafe® assisted opening, which makes it extremely easy to flip the knife open.

Its 3.25-in. blade has substantial belly – perfect for most cutting tasks. The Walmart version is the same Link you know and love. But its aesthetic features give it a fresh coat of color.

The olive handle scale adds a subtle, yet attractive shade to the knife. A black DLC blade pairs nicely with it, completing a dark overall look. DLC also offers wear and corrosion resistance.

So the next time you’re at Walmart, consider linking up with this feature-packed Kershaw.

Dividend, Orange

Think of the Dividend as the Link’s younger sibling. It’s a little slimmer in width and a tad shorter in length, but the Kershaw packs a lot of cutting power into a convenient everyday carry.

You’ll also notice that it doesn’t have as much belly as the Link. But don’t let that fool you. The Dividend cuts easily thanks to its thin blade stock and sharp edge.

For the Walmart addition, the “see me” orange handle is easy to spot in a tool box or glove department. This makes it a great knife to store wherever your work area is.
If you do clip it on, the Dividend carries light at just 2.7 ounces. The sleek aluminum handle helps with weight reduction.

Finally, the stonewashed finish will help hide fingerprints and scratches. But if we’re being honest, a few battle wounds just add character. 

All three knives have one thing in common. They are all made in Kershaw’s state-of-the-art Tualatin, Oregon factory. About 12% of our skilled assemblers produce Kershaw knives specifically for Walmart. That shows you just how important Walmart is for USA production.

The retail giant is pushing for more American jobs and USA-made products. By 2023, Walmart aims to spend $250 billion in products supporting American jobs.

To meet this demand for USA-made products, Kershaw recently invested $7.5 million toward expanding manufacturing capabilities. Currently, Kai USA produces 1 million knives a year in the USA – and Walmart exclusives are a significant part of that total.

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to color and style. The next time you’re at Walmart, know that you’ll find something unique – USA-made that variations you won’t find anywhere else.

Which Link or Dividend is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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