Kershaw Sponsors Wakeskate Champion, Reed Hansen

If you don't know what wakeskating is, it's like skateboarding—but on water. And just like on a skateboard, riders need to apply grip tape to their wakeskates. A nice, sharp Kershaw is the answer, according to Champion Wakeskater, Reed Hansen.

Kershaw is proud to announce a new product partnership with Wakeskate Chamption Reed Hansen.

Wakestaking is like skateboarding on water. Wakeskating developed from wakeboarding, which is similar to waterskiing, but on a single board instead of a pair of skis. In wakeboarding, riders’ feet are secured to the wakeboard; in wakeskating, as in skateboarding, the riders’ feet are not secured to the board. Riders are pulled across the water on a Personal Water Craft (such as a Jet Ski), a boat, a cable system, or a winch at 16-22 miles per hour.

Reed Hansen is a six-time World Champion wakeskater, three-time National Champion, three-time Wake Games Champion, along with other wins. He first got on a wakeboard at age three, started wakeskating at age 14, and hasn’t looked back since. Reed is also a bow hunter and—we hear—a pretty fair arm wrestler.

What’s the Kershaw connection? Just as in skateboarding, wakeskaters apply grip tape to their board for improved traction. The razor-sharp blade of a Kershaw knife is the perfect tool for cutting the grip tape to fit on the wakeskate. Reed will be using his Kershaws to make applying grip tape to his board fast and easy and helping spread the word about the Kershaw brand to other wakeskate riders and fans.

“Reed is an awesome rider,” said Kershaw Marketing Manager Susan Dundas. “We’re very happy to welcome him to the Kershaw team.”

Look for Reed on the Wakeskate Tour, in the Wake Games, as well as competing in National and World Championships. Stay up to date on Reed’s next wakeskate adventures on Kershaw’s social media sites.

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