Kershaw–Emerson Used as Survival Knife in Netflix movie

The CQC-4KXL was spotted in How it Ends.

Disaster movies are often filled with the latest gear that our heroes need to survive. The same is true in How it Ends, a Netflix film that features a Kershaw–Emerson CQC-4KXL

When the main characters, Will and Tom, discover that there's a disaster, viewers can briefly spot the Kershaw being shoved into Tom's bag. 

To be fair, it's hard to tell from this still. However, the movie would soon provide a much clearer picture. 

In a later scene, Tom is seen tending to a rib injury he sustained. As he pulls up his shirt, the unmistakable knife is seen clipped to the outside of his pants. 

This particular blade is a great choice in this scenario. Its added size is ideal for a survival situation, and you can quickly open it with the wave shaped opening feature

You can watch the full movie if you have a Netflix account. 

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