Limited Edition Sales Are Back

If you’ve purchased, or wanted to purchase, Limited Edition products from our website in the last year or so, you know that we’ve had some…issues. Many months, a new server, lots of coding, and plenty of testing later, we think we’ve got it licked.

Here's how the new system will work:

1. Create a New Limited Edition Account Now

Even if you have purchased products from our website in the past, you will still need to create a NEW account in order to purchase Limited Edition products. This account is only for the purchase of Limited Edition products. By creating your account ahead of time, checkout will be quicker and easier.

2. On the Day and Time of the Sale

Go to the product page for the Limited Edition product. If the product is available and not sold out, you may add the product to your cart. If the product is already sold out, you will see a message that the product is out of stock. (Please note: When you add the Limited Edition item to your cart, any other items in your cart will be removed.)

3. Once You Successfully Put a Product in Your Cart, You Will Enter the Limited Edition Queue

Do not navigate away from the page while you’re in the Queue. The Queue is designed to create a checkout line so that the server doesn’t crash from everyone trying to rush it at once. If you are in the Queue, you will be able to checkout shortly.

4. Next, You Will be Taken to Checkout

Once you reach the Checkout, you will have 15 minutes to complete your transaction. (If you have previously created an account, this will be much faster and easier, see?) Most people check out in a minute or two, but if for some reason, you do not complete your transaction within the 15-minute timeframe, the sale will be forfeited.

Shipping costs and any applicable sales taxes will be added to your total. Once you complete your transaction, you will receive a confirmation email. 

That’s It!

We hope our new procedure will make purchasing these high-demand products simpler, less frustrating, and more fair. Keep in touch with us on social media and this blog for information on our very next Limited Edition sale.

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