Link spotted in “On Two Wheels” motorcycle adventure

The Kershaw Link came in handy in this motorcycle web series.

In On Two Wheels, a series produced by Motorcyclist Magazine, Zack Courts and Ari Henning always travel the world in search of the latest motorcycle thrills. Wherever Ari travels, he always has a knife handy. This time, his Kershaw Link showed up in an episode that explored Australia’s Great Ocean Road. The knife appears when Zack and Ari stop for lunch and try out the Australian-native Vegemite — a food spread that was ... an acquired taste for the pair.

Regardless, the Kershaw blade came in handy for spreading the Vegemite on some bread. Check out the attached video clip near the 11:00 mark to see the funny scene. But also make sure to watch the entire episode to witness some beautiful cinematography that the web series offers.

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