New Camo, Better Camo

Sometimes change is good. This is one of those times.

Kershaw is proud to introduce our new camo pattern. It’s called Stalkland. It was designed by two former military snipers and is based on the principles of concealment they learned during their service in the military.

While many camouflage patterns have hard lines or photorealistic images of vegetation, Stalkland employs soft, blurred lines to create the visual breakup. Here’s why that’s important: The human eye is designed to see straight lines and is drawn to the key features in any terrain, such as large rocks or trees. It helps us identify what we’re seeing. But the goal of camouflage is exactly the opposite of that. Instead of visual identification, camouflage seeks visual concealment.

Stalkland’s soft edges, organic shapes, and natural light and dark shades of color prevent the eye from focusing on it, creating “negative space” where a sniper—or a hunter—can hide, unrecognized. What’s more, the natural shades of green and tan chosen for Kershaw’s Stalkland camo have an almost chameleon-like quality. When placed in a green environment, the eye is drawn to the green shades and the tan creates the negative space. In a tan environment, the eye sees the tan colors and the green “goes negative.” The end result is camo that genuinely does a better job of concealment.

Sniper Dynamics, the makers of Stalkland, created a special version of their Stalkland Legacy pattern when they learned they would be working with Kershaw. Called Legacy Reduced, the pattern has been slightly reduced in size so that more detail will show up on smaller items—such as knives.

The change to Stalkland is a change for the better and we’re excited to be able to offer you this major improvement in camo technology.

Check out how Kershaw looks in Stalkland camo here.

Learn more about Stalkland camo here.

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