NEW Kickflip Skate Tool: By the Pros; Ready for Everyone

Chris Cole tells the story of how this innovation came to life.

“I’ve been using and collecting skate tools since I was a kid,” pro skater Chris Cole said. “In my head, I designed the perfect type of tool for the perfect type of situation.”

Now, with the help of his longtime partnership with Kershaw Knives, that dream is a reality. The new Kershaw Kickflip is a skate tool that’s by the pros, created for beginners and experts alike. A 19-year skating veteran and champion street skateboarder, Cole was the perfect candidate to work with Kershaw’s in-house design team.

He says that skate tools should be fairly small, while also allowing enough leverage for effective work. The Kickflip weighs less than 4 ounces, yet its 3.25-inch length provides plenty of surface area for a full grip. Jimping on the top and bottom helps prevent the hand from slipping, as well.

When it’s time to work, the Kickflip offers the essential functions needed to make common adjustments. Whether a skater needs to adjust the wheels, tighten the kingpin, or mount the base plate, one of the three included pipe wrenches will come in handy.

The small nuts pipe wrench, in particular, can be used together with either the hex key wrench or Phillips screwdriver. Thanks to the Kickflip’s magnetic design, the tool can separate into two pieces, letting skaters use both functions, simultaneously, to attach the mounting hardware.

The magnetic design keeps the tool together, helping it stay relatively flat in your pocket. At the same time, it isn’t a pain to separate and won’t wear out. Cole included this feature to make the Kickflip pocket friendly.

“Growing up in Philly, we skated from spot to spot,” Cole said. “Carrying around a tool in a backpack didn’t make any sense.”

Kershaw worked with Cole to implement all of these design elements. The manufacturing team closely followed his drawings, building a tool that’s up to the quality standards that Kershaw is known for. Although this is the first time Kershaw has made a skate tool, Cole was impressed at how easy it was to bring his idea to life.

“The collaboration between Kershaw and I was great,” Cole said. “I basically told them a vision, and then they used their mastery to execute it.”

Thanks to Kershaw’s engineering prowess and Cole’s creativity, skaters will enjoy a tool that’s been missing for many years. It’s not too big and not too small – a perfect size for most users. To top it off, the Kickflip is lasered with Chris Cole’s signature, showing that it’s endorsed by one of skateboarding’s most respected ambassadors.

With Cole’s stamp of approval, skaters can feel confident carrying a tool that he calls a “gamechanger” – a tool that has always been needed, but never fully realized, until now.

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