Kershaw Barricade is Ready for Emergencies

Personal Defense Network uses the folder as private aircraft tool.

A knife can be useful when you least expect them. Although they're most commonly used for everyday tasks – opening boxes, cutting tags, etc – they can also provide comfort for unpredictable emergency situations. Much has been written about many types of apocalyptic scenarios. However, Personal Defense Network had unique advice for such an event. 

One of their recent articles focused on the role of aircraft in emergencies. Writer Will Dabbs makes the argument that although airplanes are an expensive investment, they can provide amazing views and an effective escape vehicle in a disastrous event. 

Along the way, you'll want a handy pocketknife that's ready for any situation. The article recommends the Kershaw Barriade – and we completely agree. Its rescue features are just what you need for an emergency. These include a sharp, effective 3.5-inch blade, a seatbelt cutter, and a glassbreaker tip, and a bright "see me" orange handle. We hope you never have to use these features in the worst case scenario, but you'll be glad that you have them. And in an event that you need to evacuate on a private plane, the Barricade is a perfect companion. 

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