The Top Kershaw Gifts for Mother’s Day

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Choosing the right Mother’s Day gift can be difficult. After all, you want to make sure to pick an item that will last a lifetime and create lasting memories. Knives are extremely versatile tools, and they come in many different shapes and sizes. We can almost guarantee there's a Kershaw out there for her.


When choosing a gift, pocket size is something to keep in mind. Women’s pockets tend to be notoriously small, so we tried to pick smaller knives to help accommodate that. The Chive’s 4.8-inch profile fits this category perfectly. 

Many mothers enjoy using it on a regular basis, whether they keep it at home, carry it in their purse, or in their pocket. The pink version is always popular, but other colors are also available. 


For larger size options, we recommend Chive’s siblings: the Scallion, Leek, or Dividend.


For mothers who need a couple extra knife functions, the Shuffle is a popular option. Its stout, 2.4-inch blade is very capable at opening boxes, cutting tough clam pack packaging, or removing tags. 

And when it’s time to relax and crack open a cold one, the Shuffle’s bottle opener makes the task easy. An additional screwdriver is great for handiwork around the house, too.


The Shuffle II offers a revamped bottle opener, a tanto blade, and a new handle texture. The Antic, another member of the Shuffle family, adds another new style to the series, a pry tip, and a repositioned bottle opener. 

Cinder – Copper

The Kershaw Cinder is the ultimate keychain knife. And in 2019, a new copper-handled version is lighting up store shelves. Mothers will appreciate this knife as a conveniently small carry. Its mini 1.4-inch blade works well for cutting loose threads, tags, and more. Even better, an added bottle opener helps you enjoy an adult beverage after a hard day’s work


The Natrix series also offers a beautiful copper variant. Not feeling the copper? You can also purchase the standard Cinder in black.


For the outdoorsy moms out there, the Reverb is a tailored for adventure. Use the carabiner clip to attach the slim Kershaw to a backpack, harness, belt loop, or another piece of gear.

If she needs to untangle herself from a tight spot, cut rope, or prepare a small meal, the Reverb has got her back.


For outdoor mothers more focused on hunting, you’ll want to go with the CQC 10K or 11K. They also serve as general survival knives in the outdoors. 

Launch 4

If your gift budget is a little higher, the Launch 4 is a worthy investment. Still sporting a small size, this automatic folder packs a big bunch. Simply open the Kershaw with the push of a button. This is a great knife for mothers who appreciate a pocket-friendly size, but also want a hint of aggression.

Please check your local laws for automatic knives and note that this knife can only be purchased through authorized Kershaw dealers. Check around for a myriad of stylish color choices as well.


If your mom prefers medium-to-larger-sized knives, any other knife in the Launch series is a winner.

Of course, you can browse our entire knife catalog to find exactly what you want. But if you’re overwhelmed by the vast selection, you can reference this guide any time during your gift hunting.

Make your Mother’s Day meaningful and memorable with the help of a Kershaw knife. Paired with a nice card and hug, she's sure to appreciate it. What do you plan on giving your mom for Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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