Pumpkin Carver or Slayer?

Here's your chance to carve (or slay) a pumpkin and win a cool Kershaw!

Here's your chance to be the Halloween hero and save or slay the day with an awesome pumpkin carving or sculpture! All you need to do to enter is to click here and upload a photo of your creative design!

We've done it again! We want to see the spookiest, funniest and most creative pumpkin carvings around! There are only 3 rules to this one this year!

1) This year's theme is the "Spirit of Halloween!" Your photo must be a pumpkin carved by you(or a family member) and posted on Instagram(Sorry no Facebook this time folks!) Props are ok to use too!

2) Your photo must contain a Kershaw knife in it..(somewhere)

3) You MUST use the hashtag #kershawpumpkin and also tag @kershawknives - Voting for the Best Overall will be through Facebook, one vote per person! Share it with your friends to get more votes!

The categories are: Scariest pumpkin, of which the prize if a 4008 Dune Neck knife, which our Marketing Department will choose their favorite to win! The next is for Funniest Pumpkin, the prize for this one is the Kershaw 8700 Shuffle! Our Sales Team will select the pumpkin they like to win! The final prize is for Best Overall design, of which YOU can vote and pick the winner! The prize for this one is the #1660 Blackwash Composite Leek! All you need to do is to upload your pumpkin pics to @Instagram where you MUST tag it #kershawpumpkin and tag us @kershawknives for your entry to be valid!

Enter here now! https://kershawpumpkin.pgtb.me/xfTrVb

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