Want to Survive? Carry a Knife

There's plenty of talk these days about survival—whether it's following a zombie apocalypse or something rather more serious. One piece of equipment that is almost always singled out as vital is a knife. As you might expect, here at Kershaw, we concur.

The latest editors to take note of the importance of the knife are the editors of Backpacker Magazine in their October, 2013 Survival Issue.

"If you can have only one survival tool," they write, "make sure it's strong and sharp." Although we think they should have been showing a Kershaw in their article, the point is well taken: every backpacker and every hiker should carry a knife whenever they're on the trail (and even more so when they're off it).

The article goes on to provide hikers with some basic information on blade construction and suggests three techniques that can help them survive in an outdoor situation. With that in mind, there's only one thing we want to know. The next time you're out on the trail, what will you be carrying?

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