We Remember 9/11

September 11, 2016 marks 15 years since the day when our lives were forever changed. On this day, we ask you to take time out, and remember the fallen, those who lost their lives, and those who's lives were directly affected by the loss of those they held most dear.

We will never forget 9/11

Where were you on that fateful morning of September 11, 2001? Do you remember how the world seemingly stopped as the world and our country watched in disbelief and then horror as the twin World Trade Center towers were hit, then came down, the loss of life, unimaginable. Further horrors and uncertainties were unveiled as we also saw that the Pentagon had been hit by American Airlines Flight 77, and United flight 93 had come down in Pennsylvania. Let's also remember how as Americans, we came together in our grief, comforting those who lost their loved ones, or who were hurt and injured in the attacks, and remembering those who lost their lives.

This Sunday, Sept 11, 2016, 15 years to the day when our lives were changed forever, let us stand together in somber reflection, and remember, and never, ever forget.

15 Years later, those that were there remember

Where where you when the world stopped turning - A tribute by Alan Jackson



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