We Were “Raised Hunting.” Were you?

• The new “Raised Hunting” TV show on the Outdoor Channel & WildTV Canada will use Kershaw products • Follow this hunting family’s adventures as they take their know-how—and their Kershaws—into the great outdoors

TUALATIN, OREGON—Kershaw Knives is proud to announce a product partnership with the new hunting show, Raised Hunting. The show follows the hunting adventures of the Holder family and their friends as they share their experiences of hunting with their audience.

The Holder family, including Karin and David Holder and their sons Easton and Warren, approach their program honestly and are dedicated to using only products they truly believe in. That’s why they selected Kershaw Knives to be their hunting knife partner.

Kershaw appreciates that kind of dedication. “We really like the concept behind the Raised Hunting show,” said Kershaw Marketing Manager Susan Dundas. “We know how important it is to pass on the values of family and outdoor stewardship to the next generation. We think Raised Hunting will be an inspiration in helping preserve that legacy.”

The Holders will be using Kershaw’s new LoneRock series of hunting knives (models 1898GH, 1898, 1895, 1896GH, &, 1894) as well as a selection of the company’s camp tools, such as the Camp Series machetes (models 1077, 1076 & 1074) and the Camp Ax (model 1018).

The show will air at 11:30 a.m. EST on Saturday mornings on the Outdoor Channel and 10:00 p.m. EST Fridays on WildTV in Canada. View the show’s website at raisedhunting.com.

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