What tools do you carry in your turnout gear?

You’ve seen the discussions. Maybe you’ve even taken part in one. Read just a few of those discussions and you’ll quickly discover that the exact mix of tools varies with the individual firefighter. Yet one tool you’ll consistently see in many pros’ lists is a knife.

And that’s smart.

Some firefighters say they carry cheapie knives, in case they lose them. Others advise to buy the best one you can afford and take care of it. As you might expect, as a quality knife company, we come down on the buy-the-best side of the question.

A quality tool simply performs better.

It feels solid, reliable. In knife making, that’s called “fit and finish.” It means that every piece of the knife fits together precisely, no rattles or wobbles. It also means that that little piece of machinery in your hand works without a hitch. Which is exactly what emergency personnel like firefighters need from their tools.

What else should you consider in your turnout knife?

Assisted opening — many Kershaw knives feature our patented SpeedSafe® assisted opening system so you can open your knife one-handed, even with your gloves on.

Partially serrated blade — for maximum cutting versatility. Serrations zip through rope or seatbelt webbing at emergency extraction speed.

Built-in glassbreaker — some Kershaw knives include a carbide glassbreaker tip built into the handle.

Firefighter/EMT experience — Kershaw has a long history of providing knives suited to the needs of first responders, including a selection of knives designed by Rick Hinderer whose designs draw on his own experiences as a firefighter and EMT.

Start here to find the right pocketknife for you:

Cryo II Clash, Serrated Blur - Glassbreaker Blur - Red, Black Funxion EMT
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