Baggers Magazine Goes for Some Classic Kershaw

For those of you who are not motorcycle riders, a "bagger" is a motorcycle with saddlebags. But what it means is that the rider is in it for the long run—and is looking for more than just a quick jaunt down the road.

In terms of knives, it means knives that are in it for the long term as well, knives that have proven themselves. That's why the editors of Baggers Magazine decided to take a look at some classic Kershaws. The first one they took out for a spin was the Whirlwind, which has been a favorite ever since we first released it. It was one of the first SpeedSafe knives and is still one of the best.

The editors also liked the Volt II with partial serration and the Drone with partial serration. Both are great values, both make perfect every day carrying knives, and both are SpeedSafe-equipped. (We recently discontinued the Drone, but some may be available through our great network of dealers or online.) 

Like the riders who are in it for the long haul, Kershaw knives are in it for keeps, designed to provide you with years of reliable service.